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A new homepage..

The previous one was great
But that goal is reached…

Ups and mostly downs lol but i made it

By now I Did the Treatment
So only the last bill remains
So i can leave here.

About the fundraiser: it world like a charm But it costs 3% + 30 cent per donation

So just deposit at my account is free…

Also I will write all donations as offline donation on the de fundraiser so nothing gets lost and your good deed stays valid.

Thx again everyone!
it succeeded, I’m out!

Didn’t have enough though but someone Lend me.
Seems I’m always lucky!

So I left the hospital

And I also got a serious reduction.
That was realy needed or I would still be there lol

Still need to buy a little 1000 euro worth medicine few months

But thank god, I’m almost there